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BuyKnight office and Warehouse in Wilmslow

Arabian, Turkish & Syrian Antique Furniture

Experts in antique and vintage home decor ideas, we promote the use of artefacts and materials well known in the making of traditional antique Arabian style furniture pieces. Our stock ranges from newly handcrafted Arabian furniture and reproduced Syrian and Turkish Ottoman style furniture, right through to antique Syrian and Turkish furniture that dates back hundreds of years. Whether new or old, Turkish or Syrian, all our furniture is refurbished or re-created by an artisan using methods and materials that really capture the elegance and style of the traditional Arabian furniture styles.

Take a look at the blog "The Damascene house" for a history of antique Arabian furniture home decor and a description of its elements.

Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture

We have a special passion towards mother of pearl inlaid furniture. At Buyknight we believe, when it comes to recreating the antique Arabian furniture and home décor style, attention to detail and quality are key.

Mother of pearl is known to be a shiny, hard material that lines mussel and oyster shells and other fresh and saltwater shellfish. The process of Mother of pearl inlaying, also known as mother-of-pearl marquetry, combines this material with wood to produce various decorative items. This material has been extensively used in Ottoman style, Syrian style, Moorish style, and Egyptian style antique furniture and home decor ideas. 

 Antique home decor and vintage style home decor add a touch of uniqueness to and authenticity to you home decoration ideas. Visit the link "History of mother of pearl in home decor" for more information about the mother of pearl inlay tradition.